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Uncategorized : Workshop on Sustainable Mobility in Future Cities

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Developing, supporting and promoting sustainable mobility solutions in dense urban areas is a key challenge for cities worldwide. The rapid convergence of information technology and transportation systems offers unique opportunities for innovation, while promising to reduce costs and increase the convenience and attractiveness of public transport.


The first Workshop on Sustainable Mobility in Future Cities, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Porto, will gather internationally active experts on themes related to transportation, vehicular communication, sustainability and mobility.


The workshop will showcase experiments and solutions that are improving mobility in the city of Porto, as well as international examples, most notably from the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


Be part of this discussion. See full programme and register here.



Câmara Municipal do Porto (Sala da Assembleia Municipal - Piso 5)
Praça General Humberto Delgado
4049-001 Porto