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Shake UP your city News : Taxis in Porto with internet access


"Having internet in taxis is of great benefit both to us and to the customer." This was the reaction of Pedro Silva, taxi driver and one of the associates of Raditáxis, when he was first given access to a tablet that allowed him to test the Internet connection and connectivity from his cab.

Pedro Silva affirms that this service can only bring advantages, since it provides a new service besides transportation.

As for his other colleagues at Raditáxis, Pedro Silva believes that "everyone should have this equipment and this service because it is an asset as far as our work is concerned and can ultimately help us  stand out from the competition."

Including this collaboration with Raditáxis, the largest vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) test-platform in the world includes, so far, about 200 of the cooperative’s taxis. All taxis fitted with this equipment already have Internet access and tests of speed and connectivity are being carried out.

The V2V project related to taxis involves several partners such as Universidade do Porto, Universidade de Aveiro, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Veniam 'Works, Raditáxis, Geolink and Porto Digital.

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