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14h30 - Check-in
15h00 - Opening - Paula Trigueiros (Future Cities / UP)
15h10 - Keynote: "Sensing Time"
Speaker: Professor Nick Tyler (UCL - University College London)
Sensing Time
How we perceive time has a major effect on how we think about our urban transport systems. How we perceive time spent sitting in a car in traffic congestion might feel very different from sitting in a bus, and this would be different again when thinking about sitting at a bus stop waiting for a bus. Also, our perception of time shifts if we are looking towards the future compared with looking towards the past. So time is not the universal constant we assume it is when we use transport planning models because the actual impact of time is our perception of it, rather than the passage of time itself. This talk will explore how we sense time and how this affects the way we should approach the design of urban transport systems.

15h40 - Activity: “5 minutes of the Future” - Paula Trigueiros

Health and Wellbeing, Mobility and Environment will be the themes for the working scenarios proposed by each Moderator inspiring each of three groups of participants. These will then be divided into smaller groups with Future Cities and other invited researchers integrated as facilitators, encouraging and guiding the activities.The participants will envision, describe and role play 5 minutes of the future life in cities considering those scenarios. This assignment will be followed by a debate.(The audience will be divided into three groups – one for each theme, leaded by the invited moderator.)

15h50 - Group-work

In each thematic area, the moderator presents his vision and inspiring scenarios of urban life in the future. The groups will then discuss and describe a short story about “five minutes of future”.

Inspiring Scenarios (10 min)

Group-work (30 min)
- Health and Well-being  “Citizens as sensors” moderated by João Paulo Cunha
- Mobility – moderated by Nick Tyler
- Environment“Sensing Clima and Air Quality” moderated by Ana Monteiro

Invited researchers - group facilitators:
Ana Aguiar, António Coelho, Daniel Moura, Rui Penha, Rui Carreira, Sara Adhictya

16h30 - Role play - Group presentations
17h30 - Debate
17h50 - Conclusions
18h00 - Close


The Workshop will be conducted in English and will be recorded.


Pavilhão Rosa Mota
Palácio de Cristal (within the event “Cidade +”)


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