Future Cities

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Description of activities planned


Morning: Introduction to the topic by the organizers: (30 minutes)
The participants will each give a short presentation, then formed into groups ready for the afternoon session.

Afternoon Groupwork: (2 hours) Groups will each work on one of the following topics:


1: Creativity, Information Visualization and Multi-sensory Experiences.

This group will work on a concept narrative/story in a format(s) that uses different sensory information/perception. Paper prototyping material will be provided for each group to illustrate their ideas, but other mediums such as acting can be used for presentations. Participants will be encouraged to record the sounds that accompany their concept.

2: Interactivity and Alternative Models of Sharing and City Making

This group will work on outlines for a research proposal or a journal article. This activity will be structured in stages by the organisers, including brainstorming, theme identification and final write up of the outline.

Presentation: (1 hour) Each group will present their early ideas to the whole group for constructive feedback and reaction. The act of presentation to others will help to clarify concepts, and generous feedback will inject fresh ideas.

Final round up: (30 minutes) To conclude the workshop, whole group discussion will be focused, firstly, on the broader issues emerging from the tasks and secondly and the potential for future collaborations.