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Shake UP your city News : Paula Trigueiros

Paula Trigueiros was the first researcher of the Future Cities Project to complete an exchange visit within the X-FARE Programme. She developed her research work at the University College London - Interaction Centre (UCL-IC), from March to June 2014. Here is her testimony of this experience.

- For three months, you have faced a different reality. Which were the three main differences you have experienced/perceived?
1st – I have to highlight the cultural differences.
We can find people from all nationalities, colour, who dress and behave differently from what we are used to. Diversity is one of those differences.

2nd – The University itself.
Obviously, I went there in a different condition from the one I am normally in. So, my personal situation also determined that my role and work there were different. I went back to being a student again.

3rd – The cultural offer.
I attended several different events organized in the university premises. Conferences at lunch breaks, concerts, expositions…

- In what way will this experience enrich the Future Cities Project and team?
There are two key aspects to point out. First of all, the enhancement of a member of the team itself improves the entire team. I have no doubt that I have grown during this process, especially by having the opportunity to dedicate myself exclusively to research. Secondly, I have enlarged my network with contacts that may be extremely interesting for the project.

- In one sentence, how would you describe the experience?
It was kind of a mini sabbatical.
During the time I was a college student there were no exchange opportunities such as this one. For me, this experience has resulted in a unique chance to develop scientific work.



Paula Trigueiros with the team from the UCL-IC with whom she has worked.