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News : Debating the Environment in Eurocities Network

Aiming to learn more about Porto’s climate actions, including how Porto promotes energy efficiency in its historic centre, and the results of the city’s first monitoring report for the Covenant of Mayors, the city of Porto hosted a three day Forum about “Climate alterations – Cities in Action”.

The organization of the Forum intended to explore how cities can relate to the EU energy security strategy, take a fresh look at the Covenant of Mayors, and discuss its future as well as gather new ideas on climate adaptation at an EU Mayors Adapt workshop.

With several sessions taking place in different places of the city such as Serralves, Palácio da Bolsa and the municipal library Almeida Garrett, the Future Cities’ researcher Tânia Calçada gave a speech regarding low cost air quality monitoring, taking as an example the UrbanSense platform under development within the Future Cities project.

The Eurocities network, founded in 1986, brings together a large number of European cities. The forum enrolled 85 participants from 30 European cities and its goal was to promote the debate on such topics as Economy, Environment, Culture, Mobility, among others. The Mayor of the city, Rui Moreira, and the Councilor for Innovation and Environment, Filipe Araújo, were two of the keynote speakers who address these important matters.