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Uncategorized : Debate: Mobile app in healthcare

June 7, 2013, 14h30

The development of medical applications is creating new technological opportunities to improve health care. However, there are no specific rules to this area and therefore no certification for this type of applications.

Being a matter of public health, it is of utmost importance to ensure the security, validity and effectiveness of these apps. It is, therefore, crucial to define rules and specifications simple but clear that enable manufacturers and developers to certify their apps in healthcare.

In this context, the Master in Medical Informatics (MIM), from the faculties of Medicine and Science, University of Porto, will organize a debate entitled "The certification of mobile applications in healthcare" with Dr. Mariana Pires Madureira, adviser of the governing board at INFARMED.

Site: http://mim.med.up.pt/index.php/pt/debate

Free Registration: until June, 6, 2013 via http://goo.gl/2hq1E


Venue: Lecture theatre north, Faculty of Medicine (University of Porto)

R. Dr. Plácido Costa, s / n

4200 - 450 Porto, Portugal