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Build Porto Living Lab

Porto Living Lab The Center of Competence for Future Cities aims to turn Porto into a lab for urban sciences & technologies for smarter cities, by providing different testbeds with a wide range of sensors and communication infrastructures, thus creating the conditions for future research and development using advanced technologies for data collection through mobile […]

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networking

The Vehicular Ad-hoc Networking testbed is being implemented in two ways. On the one hand, the FP7 initial project has instrumented with 802.11p technology harbor trucks that move regularly among containers packed high as buildings, emulating a small-scale city. One the other hand, +600 buses in the City of Porto are currently operating an hybrid […]


SENSEMYCITY – Crowdsourcing an Urban Sensor A Sensing Framework SenseMyCity consists of an infrastructure for simplified collection of geo-indexed data sensed using mobile devices, along with a pool of users willing to participate in experiments and the logistic support for city-wide experiments. The technical infrastructure consists of: Mobile Framework to gather data from the device’s […]

UrbanSense Platform

UrbanSense Platform: The Urbansense platform is a city-wide platform for pervasive environmental monitoring. It is composed by 20 monitoring units called Data Collection Units, or DCUs, that are deployed at relevant points of the city and contain a set of 10 sensors. Elements in a DCU   [read_more]   Samples from each DCU are taken […]