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Porto Living Lab

The Center of Competence for Future Cities aims to turn Porto into a lab for urban sciences & technologies for smarter cities, by providing different testbeds with a wide range of sensors and communication infrastructures, thus creating the conditions for future research and development using advanced technologies for data collection through mobile platforms, wireless communication and large-scale information processing.
This living lab enables the development of research in areas such as sustainability, mobility, urban planning and information and communication technology.
Porto Living LabThe equipment used in the Center of Competence for Future Cities is based mainly on two core work areas.

» Urban-scale sensing – with the development of technologies for monitoring and characterizing such subjects as stress and fatigue, it is possible to evaluate the extent to which information and communication technologies can affect and/or assist citizens in traffic situations or emergency scenarios. The use of technological equipment - such as t-shirts with sensors and electrocardiogram systems - allows for a continuous record of heart rate and rhythm.

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